CIVA Frey Sohler – Prowein 2023

Stand Civa Prowein 2023

CIVA Frey Sohler Prowein 2023


Booths : CIVA and Frey Sohler at Prowein 2023 : Remarkable booths

Here are two of our stands designed and assembled for the Prowein Düsseldorf 2023. The CIVA (Interprofessional Council of Alsace Wines) and Frey Sohler booths were custom designed for their respective brands to showcase their products and services in a unique and memorable way.

We are proud of our Frey Sohler and CIVA booths, which were enthusiastically received by visitors to the show. Our company is always ready to take on new challenges to create memorable experiences for our customers.


Stand CIVA Salon Prowein

Stand CIVA – Salon Prowein

Salon Prowein 2023 stand Frey Sohler

Stand Frey Sohler – Salon Prowein

Stand Civa Prowein 2023

Stand Civa – Salon Prowein


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31 March 2023

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